ESEEA Awards

The ESEEA΄s Leadership Awards seek to recognize and distinguish individuals who enjoy public recognition in the economic, cultural and business sectors. These awards want to award people that collaborate in R&D, in social contribution and in the implementation of new technologies. The main purpose is to reinforce cultural and knowledge exchanges between different members, as well as with national and foreign institutions (Barcelona-Catalonia-Spain-nations worldwide).

A public recognition to leaders that leave a deep, positive impact in people, in companies and in society thanks to their professionalism, integrity and their managerial talents.

Awards Objectives

  • Distinguish people who care or can become an inspiring example to society.
  • Define a plural group that put in value the knowledge and talent of their experiences.
  • Encourage the generation of inter-professional and multi-sector relationships that foment the global development of society.
  • Establish an active forum, with a long term vocation to consolidate and communicate the needs and solutions covering private initiatives, public institutions, as well as opinion leaders.



The prize is an original and unique sculpture of Cristóbal Gabarrón, designed especially for the ESEEA Awards:
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In past editions, the ESEEA΄s Awards to Leadership have rewarded figures such as:

  • Luis del Olmo, prestigious journalist
  • Carmen Cervera, Baroness Thyssen
  • Xavier Corberó, sculptor
  • Mª del Mar Raventós, president of Codorniu Group
  • Jaume Aragall, tenor
  • Jaime Alguersuari, car racer
  • Joana Ortega, vice−president of Catalonian Parliament
  • Boris Izaguirre, communicator, presenter and writer
  • José Ortega, head of Laureate International Universities